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  • liquid packaging machine for traditional Chinese medicine
    "liquid packaging machine for traditional Chinese medicine"

    Suitable for hospitals,traditional chinese medicine clinic,pharmacy and drugstores.special glass pot,decocting process can view. Liquid packaging specifica...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:YB50-300Visits:2840
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  • Powder packing machine
    "Powder packing machine"

    The machine suitable for foodstuff,pharmaceutical industry,chemical industry,pesticides(agricultural chemicals), veterinary drugs and other power material p...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2905
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  • Granule packing machine
    "Granule packing machine"

    Suitable for packing granule products,such as pepper, chips, walnut, grain food, popcorn, lollipop, salt and other foodstuff,pharmaceuticals and chemical...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2897
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  • Pieces divider machine
    "Pieces divider machine"

    Controlled by a microcomputer, no need to reset next time, the LCD display sets the number of packages.

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2838
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  • Small packing machine for tablets
    "Small packing machine for tablets"

    The machine suitable for Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal detection pieces factories ,hospital or the Pharmaceutical College of traditional Chinese medic...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2763
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  • teabags packing machine
    "teabags packing machine"

    Suitable for automatic filling, measuring for soft bag packing of tea, herbs, coffee etc.

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2738
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  • Automatic packaging machine for viscous liquid
    "Automatic packaging machine for viscous liquid"

    Suitable for grease mixture,flavoring and viscous packing. The machine can pack such as: sauce,jam,tomato paste,shampoo. Mahcine can add heating device in o...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:DXDB-40JVisits:2624
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