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  • Swing granulator (dry)making machine
    "Swing granulator (dry)making machine"

    The machine is suitable for Chinese traditional medicine granule,such as calpsule,low or no sugar,tablet or coating granule and make wet power into particle...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2793
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  • High efficient mixing granulator (wet method)
    "High efficient mixing granulator (wet method)"

    Granulator widely use in pharmaceutical, food, health care products,chemical fertilizer, building materials, smelting industry granulate.It can suitable for...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2697
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  • High-speed granulating machine
    "High-speed granulating machine"

    The machine has simple structure, wide adaptability, widely used in medicine, food, health care products, chemical, fertilizer, building materials, smelting...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2775
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  • Single punch tablet press machine
    "Single punch tablet press machine"

    The machine press particles material into wafe,suitable for laboratory or trial-manufacture various kinds of tablets, sugar tablets, tablets, and other spec...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2878
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  • Rotary tablet press machine
    "Rotary tablet press machine"

    This machine is single pressing type automatic rotation, continuous tabletting machines,press granular materials into various tablets.It is mainly used in t...

    Update time:2023-2-3Model:Visits:2818
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