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Analysis of the packaged liquid medicine decocting machine causes sour deterioration of corruption

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   After the completion of the decocting machine, if in accordance with the requirements of the operation strictly to operation will not appear wrapped liquid produced up bag, sour, smell and other problems, packaged liquid Chinese corruption sour the main reason has the following several kinds:
1, the package before the liquid is heated to 100 degrees, if not reached 100 degrees will appear more than the liquid deterioration, especially in the case of room temperature is higher than 30 degrees, according to different drug ingredients shelf life of the difference between 3-5 days.
2, in after the completion of the decocting and thoroughness of cleaning a link for each good medicine decocting machine, and whether the cleaning of waste water to get rid of clean, we have found that processing units that have not completely cleaning the waste water to get rid of clean start packing, only the packaging good first medicine bag away trouble, there will be packaged first medicine bag shear broken rewind decocting machine re package sent to the patient. This will cause deterioration of the drug. The patient is considered fried medicine decocting machine is not good, is the actual operator responsibility caused by the poor.
3 and another is a very another medicine filling good medicine, also some moldy medicine to patient doped inside to decoct medicinal herbs was found not but shelf life of not more than 5 days, a long time will spoil, will cause serious patients with gastrointestinal toxicosis.
4, some decocting room as soon as possible in order to give the patient take just fried medicine into cold water to cool down, this will give the solution remained bacteria provide the chance of resurrection and reproduction, if the natural cooling will be sealed bag with good bacteria kill most, it will extend the quality guarantee period of quality period. Chinese medicine fried good later, after 4, 5 minutes, the temperature will drop to 60-70 degrees Celsius, then the degree of adhesion has been stable, can be directly installed to go.
5, some patients think placed in cold water storage can prolong the shelf life. In fact, this is wrong. In the normal temperature water immersion of Chinese medicine, bacteria more easily to water for the rapid propagation of the base. Should be placed in a cool ventilated place to store.
6, select the packaging volume is more critical, professional manufacturers in the custody of material production and processing to the full attention of the packaging to prevent the survival and reproduction of the strain. With such a package, of course, reliable.
7, decocting machine users should consciously develop health habit. The place to store the package should be clean, dry and ventilated. It should be used to prevent the pollution caused by the activities of the mice. Decocting long interval time should pay particular attention to, within, and pipe packing machine cleaning before decocting decoction.