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Fit and use equipment automatic decocting packing machine

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A, automatic packaging machine decocting equipment installation
1, automatic packaging machine decocting device in use without vibration, does not need to be fixed. Only need to dial the next box to position brake casters. (with a stable screw device of the box, the screw should be supported in place)
2, automatic packaging machine for decocting electric heating element with heating function. Placement to choose well ventilated, dry, clean place.
3, for ease of maintenance, equipment should be left behind the space position of 800mm.
4, automatic packaging machine decocting use due to frequent flooding and cleaning, so the device is placed should be in the water more convenient place, the ideal scheme should has a drainage ditch fire.
5, automatic packaging machine decocting device power consumption is larger, so when the device should use a dedicated outlet, and please professional electricians and power equipment direct pressure to the electrical switch box.
6, in order to ensure the safety of the body, must be well grounded protection. At the same time to remind the user to pay attention, in the use of a single phase three terminal power outlet, should ensure that the power outlet has a L logo end of the line, a N logo end of zero line, is conducive to the normal operation of electronic circuits, adjustment is not subject to external interference.
Two, note the use of automatic decocting packing machine
1, in the decocting process, don't drain too full to avoid fried boil spillover liquid injection machine in electronic components, resulting in the original circuit breaker, burned out.
2, when decocting medicinal herbs must be hand control and master, halfway with water, absolutely can't make the cold water hit the glass wall, otherwise has heated the glass broken at once.
3, the mechanical transmission and electrical control have been done on the adjustment of precision system, without the need to use the user before doing debugging.
4, the normal operation of the equipment when the medicine pot and packing head temperature of roller surface is high, be sure to prevent burns during operation.
5, must pay attention to the exclusive service decocting, prevent dry burning, so as not to damage the heating element.
6, decocting temperature after the pot body is very high, not immediately flush the glass tube with cold water, to avoid glass tube burst.