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Leisure tour of Nanji Island for two days

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In order to strengthen the enterprise culture construction and staff's team consciousness, reflects the company's humanized management, enrich the staff's business culture life, the staff care to implement, so that employees can end the first half of the busy work, relax, to enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature. Company sales in 2015 17-18 two organization of Nanji Island Tourism activities.
The tourism team activities, not only to ensure the safety of each employee, in the joy of physical and mental, but also promote the harmonious coexistence between colleagues, solidarity and cooperation. More important is to create a whole staff of solidarity, active, progressive atmosphere, the whole body heart into the next work, to ensure that the company's annual sales target.
Travel, in a short stay away from the city, work, so that people's minds in the nature of the relaxation; tourism, so that thinking more open-minded.